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Welcome to Perfect Profiler!

A person is never aware of his own behavior.

One cannot see his own house by looking out its front windows. One must get out of the house and look back. The view is often startling, and always revealing.

The Personal MatriX Profile (PXP) allows a person to “get out of his house,” and see the way his behaviour presents itself to the world. The view is revelatory as he can now see, with unvarnished reality, the problems he actually creates for himself with this behaviour. He also sees the points where he is doing well. This balanced perspective opens the door for him to self-awareness and personal enhancement. 

The profile questions are easy to understand and take about half an hour to complete. The value of the evaluation is priceless as it leads to self-awareness and the road to greater capability and understanding.

The PXP is an accurate and non-biased means by which trainers, managers, consultants and personal coaches can see someone's areas of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. With the snapshot it provides, these professionals can design programs that precisely and effectively address the issues that align with their own areas of expertise.  Workshop leaders can design programs that are penetrating and well received.

This site was designed for people trained in the correct evaluation of the PXP, and is available only to members who have been thus trained, or are in the process of being trained.

If you are interested in seeing your own profile and getting an evaluation, write us in the "CONTACT” section and we will refer you to someone in your area who has this expertise.

If you have inquiries about becoming a trained evaluator in order to use the PXP for your own business, you may contact us in the "CONTACT" section for details of how this can be accomplished. If you are already familiar with evaluating these profiles, go to the registration tab on this site and sign up as a member.

The road ahead is more easily traveled if you have an accurate map.

"Does the profile show a valid picture of the person?"

The profile is a construct of the answers put forward by the person taking the profile.  As these answers are unique to this person, so too will be the profile.

It's important to note that this profile is not the life-long picture of the person.  It displays behaviour that can change with training or any new awareness.  In fact, the awareness gained by just viewing the profile would bring the person to understandings that would influence his behaviour, and thus any profile he would later view.

Once the profile is reviewed by the evaluator with the person taking it, it is up to that client to decide whether it fairly captures his behaviour or not, and whether it was useful.  

There are conditions whereby the person would normally refuse to accept any sort of comment concerning his behaviour, but the profile itself would show this inclination and the skilled evaluator would frame the evaluation is such a way that the person would gain a benefit from it.

The road to certainty is never in what someone else says, it is in what you know for yourself to be true according to your own observation.

This is true not only of the one taking the profile, but the one evaluating it.  Anyone with experience evaluating these profiles has supreme  confidence in the accuracy of the profile. His skill comes in the way he presents these results to the recipient. 

The sole purpose of the evaluation is to help the person arrive at a higher state of awareness of his own condition in such a way that he benefits from this knowledge. 

Senior Evaluator

I've used this profile in my counseling business for 25 years and found it an invaluable tool for determining the course of actions available to me for a client.  I have never missed with a client because of the insights it has provided.  -M.S.